Powder Coating

Powder-Coating-examplePowder coating is a service offered by Winward to serve a large variety of industry sectors. We undertake both large batch and small batch runs and can powder coat a large variety of sizes up to 2.25m in diameter.

Epoxy polyester powder coating is ideal for general indoor use and other applications where high UV stability is not required. Zinc rich epoxy coatings are also available as primer coats on phosphated or blast-cleaned steel objects and structures and when combined with a polyester top coat offers enhanced resistance to weathering and corrosion.

Low cure coatings are also available which require lower oven temperatures and as such offer a cost saving, more useful on longer production runs.

Supplying Both Small and Large Batches

Powder-CoatingPolyester powder coating is ideal for external use where UV stability and weather resistance is required. Typical examples include architectural components, automotive trim, cladding, fencing, garden furniture and motor-cycles. Powders are available in a wide range of colours in gloss, satin, matt, aluminium and textured effects and can be custom matched to the user’s requirements.

Epoxy powder coating is ideal for industrial & engineering applications and have excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties although are susceptible to colour breakdown under UV. Specialist high build coatings (500µm) are available for anti-corrosion applications.

All coating are available in a range of gloss levels

  • Full Gloss 90%
  • Semi Gloss 60%
  • Satin 30%
  • Matt 15%

From the raw material we can spin, press, shear, polish, sateen, laser cut parts then either antique, verdi gris or powder coat them as shown.

Powder-Coating-another-exampleFrom raw metals, the process begins with a 4-Stage Spray Phosphate Power Wash complete with aDe-Ionized water final rinse. The complete system is Statistically Process Controlled (SPC) for ChemicalConcentration, Total Dissolved Solids, Solution Temperature and pH balance.

On the left is one of the in-line baking ovens for the coating line. Parts are hung on metal hooks to pass through the degreasing and powder coating lines. This is to ensure the electrostatic particles adhere to the desired surface and produce an even finish as required.

Winward boast the only fully automatic powder coating /lacquering track in the UK*.

Electrophoretic lacquering. On the left we show here one of the 2 stage quality stations.

Bezels shown here for gauges and instruments after our pre-stage wash on the 1st way travel to our oven for pre-dry.

After treatment, coating and final inspection the products then return to our warehouse for bagging and despatch. On this fully automatic track we can produce up to 7000 components per working shift. Sizes varying from 25mm O/Dia. to 12″ on this track alone.

Powder-Coating-at-workWhy powder coating?

Over the past decade powder coating has been increasingly accepted as the preferred finishing process for the future. The reasons for this conversion from wet to dry can be attributed to three major forces: economy the high cost of energy and materials require a more cost effective and less wasteful process; excellence for consumers, and other end users, are demanding higher quality and more durable finishes; and ecology progressively more stringent regulations are being aggressively enforced in an effort to control air pollution and hazardous waste disposal.

Which in turn goes back to economy. The cost of complying with the Regulations and the disposal of toxic and flammable waste are constantly rising.

All components are individually checked, cleaned and inspected prior to final packaging. Any further processes are then carried out. I.E. Labelling, corner protecting, taping, fittings of other relative parts.

What is powder coating?

Powder is a dry coating. Instead of being dissolved or suspended in a liquid medium, such as solvent or water, powder is applied in a granular form. This material is finer than ground pepper but coarser than flour, and is applied directly to the surface to be coated.

The powder is created by blending the various components (binders, resins, pigments, fillers and Powder-Coating-machineadditives) and processing them through an extruder into a continuous mass. This homo-genous mass is cooled and broken into small chips, which are then ground into the powder. Each powder particle contains within it the necessary components for reforming into the finished coating. After the powder is applied to the part, typically using an electrostatic spray process, the part passes through an oven and cures, melting into a smooth film on the surface of the part.

We use either RAL or PANTONE references for the desired powder coated colour match. All work is done with our in-house powder booths with 100% quality checking at three stages.

All items are fully de-greased on our Pre-stage line. The degreased part then moves on a 2 part wash and dry system with temperatures up to 200 degrees to ensure part is completely ready for powder coating and free from particles that can contaminate the desired finish.

Winward engineering ltd. will work with you to optimize your design for the metal spinning process. Feel free to CONTACT our staff if you have questions during your design phase. This is the best time to consider winward engineering ltd.as your spinning source, as we can communicate our unique capabilities and how they can be brought to bear upon your new design.