Pneumatics: The Power Of Pressurised Gas

Pneumatics Pressurised Gas

Apart from letting us breathe, air has played another very important part in human life: the manufacturing process. Thanks to the science of pneumatics, technology has harnessed air and pressure to ensure the complete functionality of today’s big machines. Be it in metal pressing or in the production of exercise equipment, pneumatics has helped in creating things that matter in our everyday lives.

Let’s take a closer look at this branch of mechanics.

The Power of Gas

We are all aware of the power of pressure. When you apply enough force with your arms, you could push a table from one point to another. The same concept applies to machines, but in a pneumatic system, that force comes in the form of compressed gas. Through pressurised air, machines generate mechanical motion, thus commencing a particular process in the core functions of the equipment.

The Difference from Hydraulics

Pneumatics and hydraulics have similarities, as they are both great examples of fluid power. But while in hydraulics you use an uncompressible liquid medium like oil, pneumatics uses compressible gas.

Perhaps the real difference lies in the advantages of pneumatics that hydraulics cannot easily match.

The simplicity of pneumatics is distinct. Most systems that use this technology can function with just atmospheric air, which means it is a cheap and safe resource. Unlike nitrogen, which could asphyxiate, and oxygen, which is flammable, normal air is generally safe in all bases.

This particular design also works to the advantage of machines. Gas is compressible, so there is little risk of shock damage to equipment, which results in increasing reliability. It is also worth noting that, while hydraulic fluid directly transfers force, gas absorbs the excess. Pneumatic systems, therefore, have longer service lives than normal and easier maintenance work.

Lastly, pneumatic systems are safe. Air is not flammable, unlike hydraulic oil that could cause a fire. Thanks to the natural properties of air, overloading and leakages are not a problem either.

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