Metal Spinning Roles

Metal Spinning: The Roles It Plays in Different Industries

The Significance of Metal Spinning in Different Industries

Metal spinning is one of the world’s most important metalworking processes. It plays an essential role in the development of different products for communications, military operations, industrial plants, food processing, architectural projects and aerospace. Metal spinning involves rotating metal disc or tube at high speed to form an axially symmetric part.

Whether you need a cylinder, elliptical, or other convex or concave part of a specific project, metal spinning can satisfy all your metal needs. It is a great alternative to deep drawing and machining, yields better advantages over other methods and provides great results.

Here are the roles metal spinning plays in different industries:

Science and technology

Metal spinning companies produce products for the scientific and mining sectors. Some of these include Zirconium, Platinum, Nickel, Tantalum, Inconel, Titanium, and stainless steel crucibles. Crucibles are containers that can withstand very high temperatures. Different industries use them for metal, glass, and pigment production and for a number of modern laboratory processes. Zirconium, a lustrous, corrosion-resistant greyish-white metal, is used extensively in the chemical processing industry.


The aerospace industry relies on precise materials with the highest standards of quality. Metal spinning companies partner with commercial, military, nuclear and cryogenic aerospace companies to provide the industry with different metalworking services that are important in manufacturing key aircraft components. Some of the aerospace products that companies develop through metal spinning include hoppers, cups, cylinders, lids, hemispheres and domes.


Before metal spinning became significant in different industries, people use them in a variety of artistic and decorative projects. Metal spinning companies create spun metal parts that make up furniture, security equipment, trash receptacles, light components, and assorted details and accents. Water features, seating, chairs, tables, ceiling rings, and air conditioning and heating system may also require metal spinning.

Metal spinning requires minimal capital investment and offers flexibility in tooling, design and tolerance. You can combine them with other technology to create specialized products.

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