Metal Pressing

Why Metal Pressing is Essential for Streamlined Manufacturing Operations

Metal is a highly malleable and flexible material. It can be cut, coined, blanked, punched and bent into whatever shape you want it to be. And all this can be achieved through a very simple process.

At Winward, the process we use is metal pressing. Otherwise known as metal stamping, metal pressing involves the manipulation of sheet metal into specific structures, be it a two-dimensional or three-dimensional figure. Some sheets only need a single run in the metal press machine while others need to go through a series of pressing stages — depending on the desired result.

In many manufacturing businesses, metals are fundamental in creating new products. For streamlined manufacturing operations, these are the three reasons you should entrust your requirements with metal pressing technology:

Ensuring a Consistent Product

A great number of manufactured goods have metal components in them that either holds the product together or enhance its overall quality. And with mass production, uniformity is key. Workers can form metal parts by hand but doing so removes all assurance that every component is consistent in quality and design.

Mistakes are inevitable. To minimise human error, however, invest in metal pressing. It is a dependable process that retains the exact structure and measurements of a metal component no matter how many of the same item you produce.

Reducing Costs and Redistributing Manpower

Stamping technology produces the same product repeatedly without compromising quality. Since the machines can get the job done faster, you lessen your business’ overhead costs.

A metal press machine also utilises an automated system. Your employees don’t need to spend their working hours shaping the same metal part, over and over. Once you’ve given your metal requirements to a pressing machine, you can assign more creative roles to your workers.

Achieving More Complex and Innovative Designs

Your design options broaden when you use metal pressing for your business. In standard metalwork, workers manoeuvre hand-powered tools to create small and intricate designs. With modern press technology, the stamping machine can do all the work for you.

You’ll be surprised by all the amazing designs you can generate once you switch to metal stamping. It’s a great way to improve your existing products as well as come up with new ones.

Your Partner in Quality Control

Streamlining your operations is all about putting your money into suitable solutions. Metal pressing is an investment, considering all the benefits it gives to your business. It replaces tedious metal-forming processes, giving you lower production costs and faster generation times.

Winward Engineering Ltd provides metal pressing services in the West Midlands, Birmingham, Aldridge and other regions in the UK. We have a team of skilled and experienced individuals who are passionate about metalwork. They are trained to handle hydraulic and mechanical pressing machinery to produce a broad range of metal pressings. Our business is responsible for producing exceptional metal pressing products that are designed to meet your unique specifications.

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