Our History

Winward… More Pedigree Than A British Bulldog!

The Winward Company Limited was founded in 1944 by Charles Winkless and his brother-in-law, David Ward. THistoryhe two combined their surnames to form the company name ‘Winward’. Charles was trained as a toolmaker, working on wartime tooling, but he later worked on planning and estimating. David worked as a stainless steel spinner.

The company commenced by producing aluminium cookware and drinking bottles for cyclists, before progressing to development work for the Ford Motor Company.

After the death of David Ward in 1955, Charles Winkless continued to run the business as Chairman. His daughter, Valerie, and son, Paul, joined the company as Financial Director and Managing Director.History-Photot

At one point, Winward became the largest factory producing brass and copper giftware in the U.K, employing over 250 people.

Charles Winkless and his daughter, Valerie, retired in 2002 when Charles was 87 years old. Charles passed away in December 2007, leaving his legacy to continue on in Winward Engineering Ltd.

Traditional Spinning Techniques Still In Use Today

Winward has remained a family company since its formation in 1944. Paul Winkless continued to run the company until his death in February 2011.

Paul’s sons, Managing Director Chris Winkless and Works Director Cameron Winkless, are now at the helm of the 69 year-old company, guiding the family business into the 21st Century.