Powder coating of metal parts. A woman in a protective suit sprays powder paint from a gun on metal products

The Benefits of Powder Coating to Your Business

When products are manufactured, they not only have to be able to perform their respective functions, they have also to possess an inviting aesthetic. In essence, they need to be decorated and finished in some fashion.

In general, there are two decorative options for available: traditional painting and powder coating. While both methods of colouring can be beneficial, powder coating is often the wiser option to pursue.

A product with a powder coated finish appears sleek, solid, and reliable. It makes consumers want to buy it.

However, the benefits of powder coating are not just aesthetic. They’re practical as well. Read on to discover the many benefits of powder coating.

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How Does Powder Coating Work?

Utilizing electrostatic implements, a fine powder containing pixels and resin is sprayed onto the surface of the desired product. After it has been laid onto the surface, it is treated with heat and cured to create a smooth surface.

While most typically used on metal products, powder coating can sometimes also be used on plastic products. However, when used on plastic products, the powder coating must be cured by UV rays.

Advantages of Powder Coating

When compared to liquid paint, powder coating excels on many fronts. For many products, it is the ideal finish to use. Here is what it has to offer:


Where powder coating truly excels is in its longevity. The simple fact of the matter is that powder coating can withstand the abuse that wet paint quite simply can’t endure.

Not only is powder coating resistant to corrosion and severe weather conditions, but it’s also highly resistant to scratching and chipping. Powder coating can withstand wear and tear for decades and decades without losing any of its quality. It rarely fades.

Thicker than standard liquid paint, it is impenetrable to most external influences. Possessing a uniform texture and consistency throughout, it thrives through just about anything you could imagine.

Friendliness to the Environment

One of the significant differences between liquid paint and powder coating is in their level of friendliness to the environment.

Whereas liquid paints contain substances which can run off and pollute the atmosphere, powder coating essentially does not. While it may release trace amounts of pollutants, they are not enough to make any remarkable difference.

It should also be noted that, if it flakes off after application, it is entirely harmless. Deteriorated powder coating can be easily disposed of in a landfill.

Aesthetically Variation

While there aren’t quite as many design options available for powder coating as there are for liquid paint application, there are probably more colour options than you would think.

Powder coating does not allow for any in-depth design, but it does allow you to finish your product with a thick and durable coat of any one colour you desire. Whether you’re looking for orange, blue, purple, black, white, or otherwise, powder coating can accommodate you.

While powder coating can’t be used to recreate the Mona Lisa, it can be used to give your product an attractive finish.


While the upfront costs of powder coating are more expensive than they are with liquid paint, the long-term costs of powder coating are much more reasonable.

This is due, largely, to the durability of powder coating. Whereas liquid paint will typically fade within around five years, powder coating will typically thrive for decades and decades.

You can also save money by using powder coating because, unlike with liquid paints, it doesn’t require any stringent environmental testing. When products are finished with liquid paints, on the other hand, they need to meet environmental regulations which have been established by the government.

What Products Can Be Powder Coated?

It should be noted that powder coating is not a suitable option for all products. If a product can only accommodate a thin layer of paint, it can’t be powder coated.

For reference, here are a number of products which can be, and often are powder coated.

Automotive Parts

One of the industries which often utilizes powder coating is the automotive industry. Powdering coating is used on automotive parts of all kinds, from hubcaps to bumpers, to decorative accessories, and more.

Powder coating is also often utilised on engine parts to give them an attractive look and essentially endless durability.


Another group of products which very often makes use of powder coating is household appliances. Everything from oven ranges, to refrigerators, to dishwashers, to clothes washers, and more utilise powder coating to obtain a more appealing aesthetic.

In some cases, powder coating will even be used on internal appliance components. This is a trend which is growing more and more popular by the year.

Building Materials

The construction industry also benefits from powder coating, using it for everything from window frames, to door frames, to fencing materials, to structural beams, and more. Its ability to withstand inclement weather makes it an excellent option for outdoor design purposes.

Sporting Goods

Another sector of products which are often adorned with powder coating are sporting goods. You can find powder coating on everything from golf clubs, to bicycles, to exercise equipment, to ski poles, and much more.

Because these products are exposed to substantial amounts of physical trauma, they require design and a finish, which can withstand wear and tear.

Other Miscellaneous Products

Apart from the products discussed above, there are a variety of other miscellaneous products which benefit from powder coating. Everything from kids toys, to shelves, to furniture, to writing utensils make use of the finish.

Regardless of your product, if you’re looking for an extremely durable finish, powder coating is the way to go.

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