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Winward Engineering Ltd is a trusted market leader in metalworking in the UK. With decades of industry experience, we specialise in a range of processes such as metal spinning and pressing, to serve the varying needs of different sectors.

The Winward Company Limited, now Winward Engineering Ltd, was founded in 1944 by Charles Winkless and David Ward. The company is still a family business, with the third generation of the family guiding Winward into the 21st century.

As a premier metal spinner of all types of metals, you can count on our extensive knowledge to produce nothing but premium products to meet your specifications. We set ourselves apart from other metal spinning companies by combining our expertise in traditional manufacturing process with the very latest technologies. We ensure that all of our clients only receive the highest-standard of work from us.

As one of the most well-respected metal spinners in the UK, we are committed to only producing high-quality metal products and to delivering unparalleled customer service. We offer a range of services, from metal spinning and metal pressing to powder coating and plasma or laser cutting. Our staple services are metal spinning and metal pressing, which we have been an industry leader in since the the company began.

We’ve been metal spinning since our formation in 1944, so we have over 70 years of experience in providing quality metal spinning. Our metal spinning tools and seamless metal spinning process mean that we can provide you with a quality product. We service a wide range of industry sectors, from aerospace and automotive to food processing and science. We operate both large and small batch runs and we have metal spinners in a large variety of sizes, up to 2.25m in diameter. Our vast knowledge enables us to assist you to optimize your design for the metal spinning process, ensuring that your requirements and specifications are fully met.

As an authority in a range of different metal pressings in the UK, Winward have the experience and skills to meet your unique specifications. We employ top professionals to ensure that our metal products are exceptional. Our metal pressing process can cater to a diverse range of industries and we produce our components strictly in line with our clients’ requests. Metal pressing is one of our main services, alongside sheet metal pressing. We aim to provide high standards throughout our metal pressing process, ensuring that our clients receive the best metal products possible.

Don’t settle for less than perfect, entrust your needs to the top metal spinners in the United Kingdom – Winward Engineering Ltd. With family values at the core of our company, you won’t find a more reliable, competitive and trustworthy metal manufacturer in the UK. We pride ourselves on our high quality work, fast lead times and low setup times. Take a look at our Brochure to find out more about our in-house capabilities.

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